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TNK/NT verses examined/interpreted

Genesis/Bereshith 25a: “Yitschaq and Yishma’el buried him in the cave of Makpelah”

[At the bottom of this page, the image of a book might interest you ---- well, not so much the image but the title of the book!  For the longest time, we have agreed with the attribution to Abraham as the patriarch to whom three major monotheistic world religions trace their roots: Judaism, Christianity, Islam […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 24: ” . . . go to my land and to my kindred, and take a wife for my son, for Yitzhak.”

[Unbracketed commentary is from Pentateuch and Haftorahs, ed. Dr. J.H. Hertz; the translation/commentary is EF/Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses, with additional commentary from RA/Robert Alter.---Admin1.] —————————————————————- Genesis/Bereshith 24 1 Now Avraham was old, advanced in days, and YHVH had blessed Avraham in everything well stricken in age. See XVIII,11. 2 Avraham said to his servant, the elder […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 23: “Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Makpelah”

[Until we started reading Rabbinic commentary on the Torah, we missed the connection between the previous chapter and this one. Supposedly, the reason Sarah dies (aside from old age) is because of the heartbreak she--as any mother of a one and only son--goes through from knowing that Abraham will dutifully fulfill the most shocking instruction […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 22: “Here are the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the elevation-offering?”

[Once again, prepare for a lonnnnggggg read----parts of the TORAH need more explanation than others; and definitely this chapter is crucial to the understanding of what the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham was TRULY about and . . . sorry to have to keep correcting Christian teaching, but this is not a prefiguration of the […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 21: “Avraham circumcised Yitzhak his son at eight days old”

[Finally, the child of promise is born, and we're not talking about you-know-who.  Just the thought of Sarah having a firstborn son at her age, that's the true miraculous conception and birth! The most ideal age for childbearing is said to be from teens and before the age of 30; in fact birth defects are […]

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On the Binding of Isaac (Akedah)

[There was a time when, if you googled 'the binding of Isaac' you would have seen various illustrations of Abraham binding his son Isaac . . . well, just for fun, check this out and be surprised:  Images for the binding of Isaac. For the right images, you have to be more specific or you'll end […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 20: “My Lord, Would you kill a nation, though it be innocent?”

[Hmmmmm . . .  you might pause and think about the details we fail to take into consideration when we simply rush through reading these chapters because we've read it a few times or, even for the first time, we think---what is the relevance of this to me?  When you imagine Abraham and Sarah in […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 19: “But YHWH rained down brimstone and fire upon Sedom and Amora, coming from YHVH, from the heavens,”

[What a strange society and culture Sodom/Gomorrah had! It appears that the whole male population were  . . . well, what exactly should we call them?  Sodomists? That term is defined as "intercourse involving anal or oral copulation."  Are sodomists simply sexually aberrant while being straight or are they always homosexual in gender preference? Are […]

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Revisited: בראשית Bere’shiyth 18: “Will You destroy the righteous together with the wicked?”

[This episode in the Abrahamic narratives has thoroughly been discussed in a previous post: Journey of Faith – 3 – YHWH, Abraham and “3 men”. This chapter has been used in Christian teaching as proof of the pre-incarnation theophanies of the Christian son-god Jesus Christ, claiming that the '3 men' were really '2 angels and Jesus'. […]

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Genesis/Bereshith 17: “as for Yishmael, I hearken to you . . .but my covenant I will establish with Yitzhak”

[YHWH's covenant with Abraham---let us not miss the point that this covenant is intended to be a blessing to ALL of humankind except that the process will take centuries, if not millennia for its final fulfillment.  But it starts with this covenant that creates an exclusive lineage that will lead to the establishment of a […]

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